Art objects

His inspiration finds its roots in the city he grew up and still resides, in Thessaloniki. Being a city by the sea, your eye constanlty drops upon the water, the port and the ships. The creative journey started in 2001 when he initially experimenting with wood and acrylics and gradually introducing metal elements.

Through the years of experimentation and exploring materials, metal is dominant to his work until today. Using brass and copper sheets, he skillfully shapes volumes of different sizes and forms, crafting his distinct style that is uniquely his own. Then he adornes the ship structure and solder everything together with solder wire. To add further detail and decoration, he repurposes recycled materials from old computers and other electronics.

Through time, he has developed his own craftmanship, allowing him to implement any idea his own way.

Ships and sculptures come to life through vibrant paints or the artful effect of oxidation, creating a captivating experience.

 Find more of his work @pougaridis.panagiotis

and also in store at Karaoli kai Dimitriou ton kiprion 47, Thessaloniki, Greece